Having a baby means home cooking has taken something of a back seat. Occasionally there’s time to prepare a risotto, but the baby will inevitably wake up just as it’s ready. I’ve been following LEKKEREI on Instagram since they opened in March 2015, and they seemed to have the ideal solution to ensure I could still enjoy hot, hearty and healthy meals without spending ages in the kitchen.

Essentially, LEKKEREI is a delivery service. But it’s not your regular delivery service. Their menu changes daily, and they use seasonal ingredients (free of additives), ensuring healthy lunches/dinners that arrive via bikes/electric scooters, thus minimizing the environmental impact.

LEKKEREI’s chef, Michael Schmidt, is in the kitchen every weekday from 5am, cooking up fresh ingredients to create delicious meals your grandma would be proud of. Main courses are varied – meatballs, walnut pesto tagliatelle or braised beef rolls, served alongside green or grain salads and warming vegetable soups. If you’re after a light lunch, LEKKEREI offers freshly made flavoursome sandwiches, juices and homemade cookies.

I ordered roast beef with spätzle and carrots, a green salad and some roasted sugar almonds (tis the season, after all). The roast beef’s sauce was so delicious I almost licked the plate clean. The meat was tender, the carrots packed with flavour and the spätzle fresh and homemade – I was in heaven. The salad was (unusually for a delivery service) fresh and crunchy, and the almonds were polished off within an hour. Heaven.

LEKKEREI delivers from 11am – 9pm, and they currently deliver to Maxvorstadt, Milbertshofen, Moosach, Neuhausen, Nymphenburg, Lehel and Schwabing. Food arrives in recyclable packaging and they post comprehensive information about the source of their ingredients on their website. LEKKEREI’s transparency and commitment to good, honest cooking and sustainability is what’s most attractive about the delivery service.

Try them out, and let me know what you think!

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