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Sometimes, I lament that my new neighbourhood, Westend, doesn’t have the variety of restaurants to choose from as my old district has – the Dreimühlenviertel. There, there are a multitude of restaurants – Quattro Tavoli was a couple of doors away, Cafe Zimt was the perfect brunch location, the well-established Creole restaurant Makassar was just down the road. I was spoilt.

Really, my complaints are totally unjustified. Westend has more than enough lovely little gems – Cafe Marais is a beautiful breakfast spot, Sarfati does great slow food, and if you’re after good coffee and cake, Cafe Kubitscheck‘s a calling. But I still haven’t found my local. A place where the waiters mix up an aperetif without having to ask what you’re drinking, where you are greeted as an old friend, where you know everyone’s name.

And so I’m on a gastronomical mission, to discover such a restaurant in Westend. Last week, I tried out La Kaz, on Kazmairstraße.

The decor was attractive. It was modern, there was lots of wood, it had a slightly industrial feel but retained a personality. My only gripe about the interior, is that everyone was sat a little too close together. It was a bit like one of those places only tourists go to near Leicester Square or Checkpoint Charlie.

The menu wasn’t extensive, which is often a sign of a decent eatery. I’m always suspicious at how any kitchen can be prepared to cook you a pizza, a schnitzel, a Thai curry and fajitas all at once. In addition to their regular menu, La Kaz has a “Wochenkarte“, with a couple of pasta dishes and a couple of other mains.

I chose the linguine with mushrooms, leeks and truffle oil, and my boyfriend went for the coq au vin. Both were – underwhelming. Alas. Perfectly edible, but there was nothing spectacular about the food.

And so I’m still on the look out for a jewel in Westend – somewhere homely, lovely and good. Any ideas?

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