Reopening of the Deutsches Theater

The Deutsches Theater at Schwanthalerstraße 13 will reopen this Friday 16 January, following a five year hiatus in its traditional location. The theatre has been completely renovated at an estimated cost of around 90 million Euros, and has been housing performances in a mobile theatre tent in the north of the city since its temporary closure in 2008.

Thus it is with great fanfare that the theatre returns to Schwanthalerstraße this weekend. Unfortunately (yet predictably), there are no tickets remaining for the opening gala with the Munich Philharmonic on Friday, but on Sunday afternoon you can head to the theatre for an open day – entrance is free, and every hour on the hour, you can take part in a guided tour of the gloriously renovated theatre.

Many upcoming performances in the Deutsches Theater are sold out for the next couple of months, and the evenings that aren’t sold out tend to be filled with galas and balls, evenings that sound like very little fun unless you know people in those circles. What does sound good though, is the Mandela Trilogy, a folk opera on Mandela’s life, which will host its premiere in early June.

From the press photos, it looks as though the Deutsches Theater has done a marvellous job of renovating the theatre – maybe I’ll see you there on Sunday to check it out.

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