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Unpainted 2014

Earlier this week, Sasha let me know about an art expo going on at the Postpalast over the next few days, an event that was completely off my radar.

Unpainted is Munich’s first media art fair, and a fantastic excuse to check out the historical Postpalast. Heldenmarkt, an organic farmer’s market was hosted there last year (and will return this March), and I was so looking forward to going, but didn’t get around to it. The spherical Postpalast is one of Munich’s most original locations – a triumph of 1920s architecture, a light and airy open plan former main post office.

The media art fair starts today and runs until January 20. The focus is on how digitalization is changing the world of art. How technologies such as the cloud and social media networks have revolutionized society. A city steeped in culture, Munich is rapidly becoming Germany’s answer to Silicon Valley, and the city is the ideal platform for a fair on digital art. Pertaining to Munich’s status as both a cultural center and a technology hub, Unpainted will host a talk on Monday, entitled Fields of New Media Art and Future Perspectives – how art and media can fuse, and how new media can profit art.

Over the course of the long weekend, there are some fantastic events planned – BYOB – Bring Your Own Beamer, the idea of Dutch media artist Rafaël Rozendaal – sounds like a whole lot of fun. It’s a chance for the festival-goers to become a part of the exhibition, helping to create multimedia images with the assistance of the exhibition curator, Annette Doms. I’m also super excited about Miguel Chevalier’s digital installation created for Hermès.

As part of the fair’s satellite program, the Maximiliansforum will host Czech media artist Jakub Nepraš’ first solo exhibition, focusing on urban landscapes. And on Sunday, at 5pm, the performance artist Adi Hoesle will be demonstrating his Brain Painting (in the Postpalast), a step-by-step method of creating digital art using solely the power of your mind. I first heard of the idea at TOCA.me a couple of years ago, and it sounds ground-breaking.

Day tickets (15 €) are available either online, or on the door. If you’re planning on spending a little longer at the fair, the two- and three-day tickets are only available online. If you’re looking for a list of the events being held, you’re best off checking the German page, the English site is a little less comprehensive.

If you have other plans for the weekend, you can still catch the highlights of the art fair at 8pm on Saturday – Unpainted are teaming up with ikonoTV to bring you a web stream of the best bits. And, another bonus, Miguel Chevalier’s digital installation will also be available to check out in the Hermès Boutique on Maximilianstraße 22.

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