Munich KINO KINO in Westend is hosting a 24-hour movie marathon next weekend to celebrate its grand opening. The venue has primarily been used as an occasional event location until now – a filmset, a space for seminars and conferences, but KINO is a brand new cinema, and I am super excited that Westend’s getting its own movie theatre.

The 24-hour movie marathon (January 17-18, 2015) will show a broad variety of movies. It’ll start off on the Saturday at 10am with the 1928 classic The Cameraman, starring Buster Keaton. Other films include Amelie, the delightfully trashy Sharknado, A Clockwork Orange, and Linklater’s mid-nineties rom-com Before Sunrise. Tickets cost 30 € for the full 24 hours (that’s around 2.50 € per film), and should be bought in advance. You can do so via PayPal, here or you can reserve via email. All movies will be shown in OV with subtitles, and you can bring along your own snacks, pillows (for maximum cosiness), and there are couches and beanbags for you to take a nap on (just try not to snore). All FAQs can be found here.

Besides screening movies, KINO will also host a lot of film events – they’re planning a Silent Film Disco, where silent movies will be shown and audience members wear headphones – a twist on the traditional live music accompanying silent films.

On February 17, they’ll be celebrating Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 86th birthday. Three of his avant-garde films will be screened, a cake modelled after his 1973 surrealist The Holy Mountain will be dished up, and you can sign a birthday card to him, which the cinema will send to him.

Cinema Obscure will also be on tour at KINO this year, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming festival dates.

When I spoke to Abbey Taylor, manager of the KINO, she told me she received a lot of negative feedback when she took the job. “Many people asked me why I would run a cinema – cinema is dead, they said. But cinema isn’t dead, it’s changing. This is why we’re offering experiences more than screenings”.

For more information on events and screenings at the Westend cinema, become a fan of their Facebook page, KINO: Westendstraße 123, second floor.

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