Femmes Totales festival

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Femmes Totales

A small film festival celebrating women in film is hitting Munich next week. Femmes Totales shows contemporary movies made by women, and the Neues Maxim is hosting the festival.

Femmes Totales is travelling the country, and got underway back in May. Over the course of a month, five movies will be shown in the Neues Maxim with the aim of raising awareness of talented female filmmakers – while also reminding people that women are underrepresented in filmmaking.

The films:

Bonjour Paris: The kick-off movie will be shown on 16th August at 7pm (in French with German subtitles). Directed by Léonor Sérraille, the film premiered at Cannes in 2017. The film centres around Paula, a Parisian who has just returned from Mexico, who has just turned 30 and is looking for a purpose in life.

The Impossible Picture: This Austrian movie was directed by Sandra Wollner, and deals with a 13-year-old girl coping with the death of her father. The movie, set in the late 1950s, deals with Viennese family life in the post-war era. It’s being shown in OV (German) on 23 August at the Neues Maxim.

Beyond Dreams: The Swedish director Rojda Sekersöz is not even 30 and she’s already made a stunning movie. The film deals with the power of female relationships through the eyes of the protagonist Mirija. It’s a true celebration of women, and how our friendships can shape us, and it’s showing on 30 August at the Neues Maxim. It’ll be shown in Swedish with German subtitles).

Speak Up: The French-language documentary by Amandine Gay deals with European black women and discrimination. In the documentary, black women are given a voice – and it’s a chance to discover more about racism, feminism and discrimination in Europe. It’s showing on 6 September in Neues Maxim.

Interlude: The movie Interlude (in German Tage am Meer) is an Argentinian drama by Nadia Benedicto. It’s a tale of a break-up – but more, what comes after. A woman travels to the sea with her two children following the end of her relationship. It’s a coming-of-age movie set against a beautiful backdrop. Interlude is showing in Spanish with German subtitles on 13 September in Neues Maxim.

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