Braukunst Live! 2016

This weekend sees the return of Braukunst, a lovely little beer festival in Munich’s MVG Museum in Giesing. I’ve been several times, and it’s always really lovely. It’s a chance to discover new microbreweries, meet likeminded people interested in beer and learn more about the brewing process in one of the festival’s small, friendly workshops.

Try the likes of Munich’s Tilman’s ale (Tilman also brewed Schlachthofbronx’s Rave and Romance beers), see what’s new from Crew Republic, and try one of Berlin’s Schoppe limited edition beers.

If you get peckish, there’s plenty of cheese on offer (there’s nothing better than a cheese platter after you’ve sampled a few beers), and Austrian beef jerky will be available too, courtesy of Simple Jerky.

Tickets cost 20 € for the day and can be bought online in advance (I recommend buying in advance, otherwise you’ll be queuing for ages).

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