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Beyer’s Oil is a Bavarian-made beard oil for the discerning gentleman. Created by Bastian Beyer while on paternal leave a couple of years ago, it smells fantastic, and will leave your beard feeling silky and smooth in no time at all. I caught up with Bastian to find out more about Beyer’s Oil…

How did you come up with the idea to create Beyer’s Oil?
The year before last, I was on paternal leave for a year – my girlfriend Sandra gave birth to our son Vinz. During that time, I visited a barber’s in Munich, whose focus was on beards. It was there that I discovered beard oil for the first time – despite having had a beard for years. I loved the beard oil – it felt really good to have in my beard, and the skin beneath my beard no longer itched or flaked, as happens often with a beard. In addition, the beard felt softer and less scratchy (which women find great too!). As I had a lot of free time in the evenings because of paternal leave, I decided to have a go at creating my own beard oil.

You’ve done a wide range of things in life (working as a digital consultant for the likes of Yahoo and Ray Sono) – how did you learn the art of beard oil production?
I researched everything on the web. To develop it, I organized around 50 base scents – most of which I ordered (via internet) in England.

Bastian Beyer
© Beyer’s Oil / Photo: Christoph Schaller

What’s so special about Beyer’s Oil?
Most men experience dry skin beneath their beard, and it tends to be itchy or flaky. If you use the pipette to add a couple of drops of Beyer’s Oil to the beard in the morning, the skin doesn’t dry out at all. Furthermore, the beard is softer and has a shine to it. A lot of women now buy my beard oil as it’s a nice gift for bearded boyfriends and friends – and the beard oil is suitable for all beards – from a little stubble to a full beard.

Beyer’s Oil is made entirely in Bavaria – and it’s all handmade, right?
An acquaintance of mine has a cosmetic firm in Berchtesgaden. There I’m able to produce the beard oil in a space suitable for the production of cosmetics, and I have the right tools at hand to help me – I can fill the small bottles easily, for example. I stick the labels on the bottles at home with the help of my friends.

Where can we buy Beyer’s Oil in Munich?
You can buy the beard oil online, or in stores like Rocket, Pony Club, Westflügel and Jasmin Kohlmayer in Westend, the Aroma Kaffeebar in the Glockenbachviertel and Distorted People. The full list of stores is available online.

What other beard care products would you recommend for the beard-conscious gentleman?
A beard balsam to help style the beard. I’m currently working on developing one – it’ll be on the market soon.

You’re quite the entrepreneur – you also founded travel experience site triplib. – do you have much time to yourself?
I work well in the evenings and can get a lot done then. As such, I have a lot of free time throughout the day, which allows me to stroll around Munich with my little son.

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