Oktoberfest after-parties

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Oktoberfest: The after-parties

Many of you will leave the Theresienwiese half-conscious at 11pm after a day of Oktoberfest drinking, more than ready for a kebab and a good night’s sleep. Some of you will however, be ready to continue partying, drinking and dancing to terrible music, and if that sounds like you, this post, my friend, is for you. Here you can find a selection of post-Oktoberfest parties to help you party your way through the next two weeks.

Zur Gruam

Within walking distance to the Oktoberfest grounds, but far enough away for it to be a bit of an insider tip is the Gruam. A tiny, bizarrely decorated dive-bar. I went there last year during Oktoberfest with a friend from England, and he told me it was even better than Oktoberfest. It’s full, lively and stays open late – I’ve walked past at ten in the morning before, and seen bleary-eyed people, smeared in eyeliner, staggering out of the Gruam.


Also very close to the Theresienwiese is Substanz, a dark little indie bar close to the Poccistr. U-Bahn. They’ll be hosting daily Oktoberfest parties and best of all, entrance is free.

Augustiner Bräustubn

Located on the Landsberger Str., the Augustiner Bräustubn is the home of Munich’s oldest beer. It’s traditional and cosy, but expect to wait to be seated during Oktoberfest. It’s also a great alternative if you need a day off from the Wiesn but still fancy a traditional Bavarian atmosphere. Their pancakes are absurdly big and very delicious.


More in the city centre, the Milchbar will be open daily from 10pm to late to help revellers round their night off. Their big Wiesn Special is on September 28, when UK house and garage will be the theme of the night.


Much unlike many Oktoberfest visitors, I’ve never been to the Löwenbräukeller. It’s a huge beer hall close to Stiglmaierplatz and throughout Oktoberfest, they host daily (except Sundays) open-end parties. It’s guaranteed to be loud, rowdy and full – but if you’re after a piece of the action, it’s probably the place to be.

Alte Kongresshalle

Just a couple of minutes west of the Theresienwiese is the Alte Kongresshalle. They’re hosting the Wiesnclub, a fairly upmarket post-Oktoberfest party that gets underway at 10pm. It’s the kind of place that has champagne and freshly grilled snacks…

Of course, the mellow alternative is to grab a beer from a kiosk and sit by the Isar (if the weather’s warm enough), and the most sensible alternative is to simply head home, drink plenty of water and make sure you’re fit for the next day of Oktoberfest, but “sensible” and “Oktoberfest” really don’t go together.


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