Der Hollabusch, Munich

Der Hollabusch

I can’t remember who first told me about Der Hollabusch, but it had been in the back of my mind for a while as a place I’d like to visit. When Tash suggested a coffee there on a rainy Sunday, I was looking forward to finally trying it out.

Der Hollabusch is a popular little cafe/restaurant, in Neuhausen’s cobbled Schulstr., and is the perfect place for a late breakfast or slice of cake. To be honest, I just had a mid-morning drink, so I’m not fully qualified to write a review on Der Hollabusch, but it was so lovely I thought it deserved a mention. Plus, I fully intend to go back for dinner – just look at their Facebook photos of their dishes. And they have a drink called a Guter Georg – gin, ginger beer and cucumber. Alas, at 11am, it was a little too early for me.

They have paid great attention to detail and have stunning interiors – lovely lamps, beautiful old tiles and vintage furniture. Service is friendly, and the food is high-quality.

There’s a sign on the wall stating that they don’t have WiFi – and that you should talk to one another instead. It’s not the kind of cafe you head to with a laptop to write emails, it’s the kind of place you go with friends, to catch up and to eat well. And that’s their philosophy – founders Nadja and Niki wanted to create a space where people can go to chat, to eat good, homemade food and to enjoy the company of others.

Der Hollabusch, Neuhausen

I read that they also have gift vouchers – so if you’re looking for a different, but thoughtful gift for someone’s birthday, treat them to a Hollabusch gift voucher.

Open Monday-Thursday 4pm-midnight, Fridays and Saturdays 10am-1am and Sundays 10am-10pm.

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