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Next Week in Munich – First Aid Kit, Balkanauten & Hidden Cameras

I’m writing this from my sickbed, armed with hot tea and a duvet. Apart from a quick dash to grab some almonds the other day, I haven’t been to Oktoberfest at all, and I’m a little fed up that I’ve got the Wiesngrippe before the Wiesn’s even over. I’m hoping I’m going to be feeling better by the middle of next week, when I can head to the Herzkasperlzelt, enjoy a long weekend and go see First Aid Kit at the Muffathalle.

On Wednesday, Jan Delay’s at the Zenith. I’m not really into his music, but I am a huge fan of his support band – Munich’s Moop Mama. Should you happen to like Jan Delay’s music, do get there early for the support, they are lots of fun. Tickets cost 35 € on the door.

On Thursday, Nick & The Roundabouts (formerly Pardon Ms. Arden’s singer) will be playing as part of Munich Rocks! in the Ampere. Entrance is free, and it’s a great chance to catch some of Munich’s most talented young musicians. Munich duo The RollerCoStars (rather good name) will be releasing their album at the event.

Also on Thursday, Rage Against Abschiebung is on in Hansa39 and the Kranhalle. It’s the biggest anti-racism benefit concert in southern Germany, and focuses on topics such as how asylum seekers are treated, political isolationalism and racism in our daily world.

As Friday’s a public holiday, make the most of a long weekend by partying on Thursday (hangover Friday, then you still have the whole weekend!) – Herr Hotter’s taking over Mixed Munich Arts. The party kicks off at 11pm and features the likes of Jichael Mackson, Pacha’s DJ Linus and Augburg DJ Arno F.

If you’re heading to the Wiesn on Thursday, make sure you swing by the Oide Wiesn – Balkanauten are playing in the Herzkasperlzelt from around eight.

On Saturday, you can celebrate a vegan Oktoberfest at Stachus – it starts at 10:30am and there will be vegan cooking, lots of bands and a play – a real family event.

The gig of the week is on Sunday, with First Aid Kit in the Muffathalle. One of my favourite songs of the last few years is The Lion’s Roar, and their follow-up album, Stay Gold, was released this past summer. Tickets cost 27 € on the door and the show will be worth every cent.

Toronto’s Hidden Cameras are back in Munich on Sunday – they played Milla in January, and are back to play at the Atomic Cafe on Sunday as part of a European tour.

Also on Sunday, Jay Brennan, who’s been called a “male version of Joni Mitchell” is playing at Strom. I must admit, when I first saw he was playing, his name rang a bell, but I couldn’t place him at all. I think I remember him from Shortbus (where his song Soda Shop was featured). He looks like he should be in a boy group, but his music is heartbreaking and raw. Tickets cost 16 €.

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