True & 12, Rosenheimerstr., Munich

True & 12 – handmade ice cream

Davina and Rony opened their handmade ice cream parlour True & 12 last Thursday, and I’m in love. I paid them a visit Thursday afternoon – which was, conveniently, the hottest day of the year, and got myself a scoop of chocolate gelato to cool off.

True & 12 is next door but one to Pizzesco, and just down the road from the veritable Manam, so if you’re after good food, you’ve come to the right part of town.

True & 12’s concept is all about authenticity and transparency – they use fresh milk and cream (no longlife milk) sourced from Bavaria, and everything is made from scratch, by hand – there are no emulsifiers or flavour enhancers involved, everything is entirely natural.

Davina and Rony were both tired of the corporate world – after years of working for international companies, they quit to pursue their dream of opening an artisanal ice cream parlour. Davina speaks of fond childhood memories of sitting on a sofa with her father and a 5 litre tub of ice cream, and Rony has family in Argentina with an ice cream cafe – the dessert was always a passion for the pair. They dedicated several years to the pursuit of perfect ice cream – Rony worked in an ice cream cafe in Canada, they took ice cream making courses in Italy, and they travelled the world looking for the highest quality ingredients – pistachios from Bronte in Sicily, Piedmont hazelnuts and fresh vanilla pods from Madagascar.

True & 12, Munich

True & 12 are about to get some outdoor seating, but in the meantime, you can sit on the steps of the Gasteig and watch the world go by. After practically inhaling my chocolate ice cream, I was ready for more, and headed back to True & 12 for seconds, where I ordered a scoop of goat’s cheese and honey ice cream. It was superb.

Every day, True & 12 offers twelve lovingly made ice cream flavours – if you want to stay up-to-date and/or offer flavour ideas (Davina and Rony are keen on customer interaction and engagement), follow them on Facebook, on Instagram, or on Twitter, and find them on Rosenheimer Straße 14, opposite the Gasteig.


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