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3D Printing – FLYERALARM

I now exist in 3D form. As if one of me wasn’t enough.

I was invited to check out FLYERALARM‘s new 3D printer at their store in Belgradstraße, Schwabing. 3D printing has come a long way since Charles Hull first constructed one back in the eighties. NASA’s been printing 3D objects in space, it’s helping advancements in science and medicine, and it makes manufacturing faster and easier.

I was excited to try out 3D printing for myself, and headed down to FLYERALARM having studied their list of what to wear/what not to wear (jeans, corduroy and knitwear are great, chiffon, silk and lace aren’t). I also discovered that black doesn’t work well – so try to wear colourful clothing, if you fancy 3D printing yourself.

The 3D printer is in a round cubicle, covered in 150 high-resolution cameras, ready to take photos from every imaginable angle. It’s rather like standing in front of a wall of paparazzi (I imagine), but with the added advantage of being able to retake the photo if it doesn’t work out as planned.

Within seconds, the 150 photos are displayed on the screen outside, and if you’re fine with how it’s turned out, production will start and you will receive your final model in the mail within three to four weeks. It’s a great idea for a gift – for family far away (I’m looking forward to my grandparents reactions when they open a parcel to discover a mini me this Christmas), or for posterity – it’d be fun to look back on a 3D model of myself in twenty years time.

FLYERALARM’s priority was to produce a high-quality 3D model for as little money as possible, and they offer them from 179 € upwards (15cm tall), and while it’s fairly pricy, it’s a very unique gift idea.

If you’re interested in finding out more about 3D printing, you can contact FLYERALARM via email, or pop by the store (Belgradstraße 68).

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