Shabbyshabby Apartments

Shabbyshabby Apartments

Together with the architecture collective raumlaborberlin and 120 young people, the Kammerspiele is currently conducting an experiment in Munich. The aim? To create inventive, unusual apartments in the middle of the city, challenging and addressing Munich’s lack of affordable residential accommodation.

Shabbyshabby Apartments have sprung up all around the city – and it’s not just an exhibition. Each of the apartments can be rented out for a night, for the very reasonable price of 35 €.

The idea is based on a similar raumlaborberlin project in Mannheim, Hotel Shabbyshabby, where architecture and design students were asked to design potential hotel rooms. Munich’s Shabbyshabby Apartments focuses more on social housing – ensuring that those who need a roof over their heads have one, without having to pay over the odds.

Besides giving architecture students the chance to develop accommodation in the heart of Munich, the project also aims to encourage discourse about the ever-increasing prices for housing in the city. We all should consider how we can build our city in different ways, to maximize housing potential for everybody who chooses to live in Munich.

Accommodation is available until October 13 – just show up at the Kammerspiele box office between 4pm and 1opm and select your apartment. Choose between a mini apartment at Isartor, a tent right on Maximilianstraße, draped in textiles, a house covered in foil on a traffic island at Prinzregentenplatz or a camoflaged pad right by the Deutsches Museum.

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