Taco Libre, Hauptbahnhof Munich

Taco Libre

On a cold and rainy Friday, Allison and I decided to head out for a slice of Mexican sunshine at Taco Libre, near Hauptbahnhof. I might be in the minority with this, but I rather like the area near Hauptbahnhof. It’s the one part of Munich that feels like a proper city – it’s multicultural, bustling and not as twee as most of Munich. And so I like that there’s a Mexican joint there – it feels more like the Mission in San Francisco than the middle of Bavaria.

One American colleague had told me Taco Libre was superb, and Allison (Californian born and bred) alleged they had the best burrito in town. They opened in 2010 but I hadn’t got around to paying a visit, and I am so glad I finally made it.

Taco Libre, Munich Central Station
© Taco Libre

We’d both had breakfast pretty late, but having heard that Taco Libre does the city’s best burrito, I was determined to give it a try. A regular burrito with rice, beans, salsa and chicken or steak costs 5.50 €, extra cheese is 50 cents extra (I went for extra cheese, naturally). Allison had the quesadillas with salsa.

I don’t eat Mexican that often, and to be honest, I haven’t tried out many taquerias in Munich, but I was impressed. The salsa was homemade, everything was fresh, and they use free-range chicken, which they marinade overnight. The steak’s marinated for a few hours in a citrus, beer and pepper adobo, then grilled.

In my excitement, I totally forgot to take a photo of my burrito, but Mexican food photographs poorly anyway. It was superb. It was even better than one burrito I had in the Mission in San Francisco last summer. The taqueria’s owner is American, and she spent years in San Fran, so knows what belongs on a burrito.

We washed our lunch down with a Mexican mocha, a hot chocolate with a shot of espresso, a dusting of cinnamon and a hint of chilli.

Mexican Mocha, Taco Libre, Munich
© Taco Libre

The staff was friendly, and the clientele relaxed and international. If you’re after authentic Mexican food in Munich, Taco Libre’s the place to be. They also do take-out, so if you’re after a quick bite to eat before jumping on a train, stop by.

Find them at Hauptbahnhof.

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