Sarfati Vini Naturali

Sarfati in Munich’s Westend is a proud advocate of seasonal, high-quality Italian food. Manager Daniele Carmi studied gastronomy at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo (Piedmont, in northern Italy), where he became a part of the Slow Food movement. The movement’s motto is “good, clean and fair”. The focus is on regional, seasonal, organic and Fairtrade produce, and the organization tries to support family farming as much as possible.


As a result, Daniele Carmi knows exactly where all of his food comes from, and can tell a story about each vintner and olive oil bottle in his restaurant.

Sarfati Vini Naturali

I started off with an Asinoi Barbera. Daniele explained that he visited the vineyard personally, where they have a great number of donkeys. The vintners explained how to tell if the donkey was sad, happy, hungry, and so on, and their love of donkeys is such, that they’ve put pictures of donkeys on their bottles:

Asnoi Barbera

Daniele brought us over a bruschetta, and we set about choosing our starters and mains.

 Sarfati menu

I was starving, so we ordered the mixed antipasti to share. Daniele had sensed my hunger and brought over some bread and olive oil while we waited – the olive oil was SO good.

Two of us then went for the homemade wholewheat pasta with cheese, chard and sage, and Verena, from meinSENDLING ordered the spaghetti with anchovies and dandelions.

mixed antipasti  It was good, honest food. The flavours were wholesome, it was filling and it all felt rather healthy.

Sarfati has a lot of different wines to try, so I set about drinking my way through them, and came across a looovely wine – La Petite Baigneuse, which I’ve bought a bottle of (ca. 16 €).

We stayed until the early hours, until Daniele came along with an Italian liqueur and espressi, and we headed home with full stomachs.

On April 17, Sarfati’s hosting a special wine tasting evening – with wines from the Cascina ‘tavijn vineyard – from Piedmont. Three wines will be presented – a Barbera, which tastes wonderful with Italian salami, a “noble” Grignolino and an aromatic Ruchè. Each wine will be served with a different dish – so you get a three-course meal with three different wines, all for the very reasonable price of 37 €.

If you’re interested, email them at or give them a call on 089 45237867.

Also, their lunch menu is very reasonable too – with two separate menus at around 9 € – a vegetarian version, or a dish with meat. A salad and a drink is included.

Stay up-to-date with Sarfati’s upcoming events on Facebook.

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