Jasmin, Lindwurmstr.

Jasmin, Sendling

Jasmin is small, and from the outside looks pretty unspectacular. Indeed, from the inside, it looks like an everyday Asian restaurant. But the food is exquisite. I’m lucky enough to work nearby and head to Jasmin as often as possible for lunch. Best of all, it’s super cheap. Soups cost around 3 €, and Vietnamese meals are between 4 € – 8 € at lunch.

I tend to go for duck, but everything Jasmin has is delicious. They have a board of recommendations, which I keep meaning to work my way through, but the appeal of crispy duck is always too much for my stomach to bear. Service is friendly, and fast – just what you need when you have an hour’s lunch break.

I almost didn’t tell you about it, I wanted it to remain Sendling’s secret, but it’s too good not to share. It’s the kind of place you’d easily walk past, and unless you’d heard how great it is, you probably wouldn’t stumble in. But do it. You won’t regret it.

If you’re heading via public transport, take the U3/U6 to Poccistr. – it’s a short walk from there.

Jasmin, Vietnamese restaurant

Photos courtesy of Jasmin.

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