Cafe am Beethovenplatz, Munich

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Cafe am Beethovenplatz – Hotel Mariandl

Some dear friends from Tübingen were in town on Saturday for the Sigur Ros concert and I took them out for an early pre-gig dinner at Cafe am Beethovenplatz. The gothic building is unfortunately shrouded in scaffolding right now, but inside is still wonderfully elegant. It’s a lovely, charming place – and I can imagine it’s the perfect place to brunch. In fact, I’ve heard their breakfasts are top-notch. At one end of the restaurant, a cellist sits and plays until late in the afternoon, while people drink tea and tuck into some of their fantastic cakes.

Music at Cafe am Beethovenplatz
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This time it was all about good, hearty food on a very cold Saturday. I ate the Spinatnockerl, on a bed of fenchel and tomatoes. My boyfriend ordered the Schweinebraten, which (unfortunately) he rated as “ok”, and others enjoyed baked goat’s cheese, veggie lasagne and geschetzeltes. I was too stuffed for dessert, but the chocolate souffle looked really, really delicious.

It’s a lovely, nostalgic and traditional cafe/restaurant, just five minutes from Goetheplatz, and perfect for brunch, afternoon tea or dinner. I can’t vouch for the hotel, but if the charm’s anything like that of its restaurant, you’re in good hands.

Schweinebraten at Cafe am Beethovenplatz
© jay.tong, Flickr

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