Holy Burger Munich

Holy Burger

My little burger group has had a pretty busy summer. After weeks of trying to find a free date to go out for burgers and beer, three quarters of us made it to Holy Burger the other day.

There are two Holy Burgers in Munich, and we ended up at the one on Dachauer Straße, right next to Cafe Kosmos. The decor was minimalistic, industrial and simple, without being too sterile, and with a mix of bar seating and restaurant tables, it felt casual and fun. The focus is very much on organic, high-quality produce – they offer organic Lammsbräu beer, and their beef is from Hermannsdorfer.

They have a pretty good selection of burgers on the menu, so deciding took some time. In the end, Annka ordered a halloumi burger with sweet potato fries and mango chutney, I had a cheese and bacon burger and truffle fries and Allison went for the Mexican burger (with avocad0, bacon and jalapenos) and regular fries.

The truffle fries were amazing. Really crunchy and they didn’t scrimp on the truffle. It was way too much for just one person, but that was my own, greedy fault. The sweet potato fries were good with the mango chutney, and the regular fries were fresh, potatoey and thick cut.

Fries: Holy Burger München

But…the burgers didn’t live up to expectations. I don’t know if it was the bacon, but we found the meat burgers to be really salty. They were also cooked a little past medium, and the Cheddar wasn’t particularly strong. Annka was pretty happy with her halloumi burger, lamented a soggy bottom, but praised them for their selection of veggie burgers – which include two different vegan burgers.

Burgers: Holy Burger Munich

The burgers weren’t bad. They just weren’t all that special. It’s a nice place to grab a bite to eat if you’re near Hauptbahnhof, as there isn’t a huge selection of restaurants around there (though Taco Libre‘s just around the corner, if you fancy good Mexican fare), and they’re open for lunch too (from 12-3pm during the week, from 12pm onwards on Saturdays).

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