Futterneid: Atelier ALEN

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Futterneid – Atelier ALEN

Nadin from Munich & the Mountains got in touch with me in March to ask if I fancied checking out Futterneid‘s pop-up restaurant in a Glockenbach cobblers.

Unfortunately I was out of town, but resolved to visit a social dinner sometime. And then I saw Munich & the Mountains’s write-up – and those gorgeous photos – and signed up straight away.

And so, last week, I headed down to Atelier ALEN in Baaderstraße, to Futterneid’s second gathering. The premise is that of social dining – a group of strangers meet up to enjoy a meal together, based on the Italian dictum “chi mangia in compagnia, vive in allegria” – those who eat together, live in joy. It’s similar to Berlin’s Golden Dinner concept, which was founded in 2012.

Laura Veronesi and Antonia Simm, Futterneid’s founders, are both fans of Italian culture and cuisine. Antonia spent several years living in Rome, and Laura’s half Italian. I was looking forward to a hearty, lively Italian dinner with good wines and new friends – and I wasn’t disappointed.

Upon arrival, we were presented with a Fritz Müller rosé – a wonderfully fresh aperitif for the balmy evening. Atelier ALEN is currently exhibiting photography by Russian artist Anatoly Rudakov, and a chat about his work was an excellent way to break the ice with other guests.

Antonia & Laura, Futterneid Atelier ALEN, Baaderstraße Futterneid table decoration

We settled down for the entrée –  a horseradish and beetroot terrine, served with a salad and a slab of homemade bread, from Laura’s grandmother’s trusted old recipe. It was honest, unpretentious and homely – and a deliciously light starter for such a warm evening. It was paired with a 2012 Klingenberger Blanc de Noir.


After a light amuse-gueule, we were served up a hearty portion of penne with asparagus – and what was to become my favourite wine of the evening – a 2013 Hofman Sauvignon Blanc. It was really, really good. I think my enthusiasm for it may have been the cause of my sore head the next day (or perhaps that was the party I went to afterwards). In true Italian fashion, Antonia came round with seconds – making sure our bellies were satisifed.

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Dessert was a homemade rhubarb cake with a lemon and ricotta sauce – which was the most delightful juxtaposition after a creamy pasta dish. We finished up our dessert wine and headed out into the night, ready for a stroll along the Isar and a dose of fresh air.

What I loved most about the evening was the thought that had gone into serving seasonal and regional produce. All four wines were German, and the veg was fresh and locally sourced. Antonia and Laura had also put a huge amount of effort into the decor, and it’s the trouble that they went to that impressed me above all else. Futterneid’s a young concept, with two young, passionate women at the helm, and I urge you to support them. If you fancy going to one of their social dinners, keep an eye out for upcoming events on their Facebook page, here.

(Photos by Ann Sophie Wanninger)

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