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Pasta Sauna

I received an email from a friend last night with the subject “Pasta Sauna!”, which is the best subject line I’ve read in a while.

Marije Vogelzang is exhibiting in Munich for the very first time with her Pasta Sauna installation, which will be hosted at the MaximiliansForum. Her art is so unique, she’s invented a new field for it – “eating design” and is inspired by everything that surrounds the act of eating. I’ve taken a look at her previous work and she’s up there with Willy Wonka – she’s designed marshmallow clouds and lickable chocolate walls. She’s created fake meat, and because there’s no need to create a vegetarian sausage in the shape of an intestine, she invented new shapes and stories. She’s made tablecloths from dough, with a pink sugar dough tablecloth underneath for dessert.

This time, it’s all about pasta. In a sealed space, the Dutch designer will cook heaps and heaps of fresh, organic pasta, creating humidity levels akin to a sauna while doing so.

Not only will the big bowl of pasta leave you lethargic and sluggish, the sauna will also make you feel pretty drowsy. It’s an installation for each one of your senses – and just in case you’re wondering, the pasta machines double as music boxes, ensuring that all five senses really are affected. Vogelzang says her projects are all about the people, and the food is simply used as a tool to encourage interaction and engagement. Which is what a good dinner party is all about in my mind anyway.

I think it sounds fantastic, and I’ll be there next Wednesday if you fancy joining me. Marije will be cooking on May 7, May 14, May 17 and May 28 – at 7pm each day. For more information, check out the Facebook event, here.

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