Dimple Golden Selection at Waldmeister München

Last week, I was invited to a whisky tasting session, to try out the brand new Dimple Golden Selection, a blended Scotch whisky created by the very talented Scottish master blender Chris Clark. Originally founded in 1890 by the famous Haig family, Chris Clark is continuing the distillery’s long-standing tradition for producing high-quality blended scotch whiskies. The bottle is an eye-catching, three-sided shape – which Chris explained was patented by the distillery in 1958 (the first glass container to be patented in the US). You might recall it from Breaking Bad – Walt swigged from a three-sided Dimple bottle many a time over the course of the series.

I was looking forward to the evening for several reasons: Firstly, I am a fan of good Scottish whisky, and was very keen try the Dimple Golden Selection, which recently launched in Germany. Secondly, I’d been meaning to pay the Waldmeister a visit for ages, having heard excellent things about their cuisine. And thirdly, photographer Vivi D’Angelo was also at the event, and I finally got around to meeting her.

The Waldmeister München (formerly the Waldmeisterei) is renowned for its fine food and warm, rustic decor. Leaving the cold night air behind, I slipped into the cosy, bustling restaurant and was promptly handed the most delicious whisky cocktail, the Simple Dimple. Dimple Golden Selection, lemon juice, fig jam, egg whites and syrup, all blended together to create a lovely, creamy aperitif.


We were treated to a five-course dinner, with dishes created by Waldmeister’s kitchen to perfectly match the Dimple Golden Selection’s nutty, mocca and mango notes. We started off with a Thai salad, before moving onto the most beautiful salmon, served with a pea purée (fancy mushy peas) and a lemon foam, served on slate:

Dimple-Golden-Selection---Whisky-Event-14 Dimple-Golden-Selection---Whisky-Event-15

Shortly afterwards, we were presented with fish and chips – served on a copy of the British Financial Times, which was a nice touch. I’m not usually a fan of remoulade (too much mayonnaise for my tastes), but this wasn’t just any old remoulade – it was a whipped whisky cream, and boy was it good.

Then, we were served an entrecote with parsnip mash, before rounding things off with the most intricate dessert – a slather of chocolate mousse, served with nuts, fresh berries, mango sorbet and ice cream. I don’t tend to associate whisky with desserts, but this was an ideal accompaniment – not least because it emphasized the whisky’s own nutty, mango tones.

Whisky tasting at Die Waldmeisterei

As we finished off our desserts, we refilled our nosing glasses and sat chatting to the amiable Chris Clark. He has worked in the whisky business his whole life, and although he protested that his job isn’t as glamorous as we may imagine, it does involve a great deal of whisky tasting. (I need to become a master blender).


If you fancy trying the new Dimple Golden Selection, it’s available in all good supermarkets and online. Die Waldmeister is open from 8am-8pm weekdays and 9am-2pm on Saturdays. Lunchtime menus are posted regularly on their Facebook page, and they’re located on Barerstr. 74 (tram 27 and 28).

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