Bamyan Narges

I had never eaten Afghan food until a couple of weeks ago. Davina from True & 12 swears by tiny Chopan at Gasteig (plus, it’s handy for dessert at True & 12 afterwards!), but my first Afghan experience was at Bamyan Narges, in the Glockenbachviertel.

I met Kate there for dinner, and we spent ages perusing the menu. Everything sounded delicious. A colleague of mine, married to an Afghan woman, recommended I try the mantu. They’re similar to Turkish manti (a la Lezizel): pockets of minced beef, onions, coriander and mint, served with a tomato and quark sauce. Kate went for oven-roasted aubergines and rice sprinkled with almonds.

It was delicious. Piping hot, fresh, and just a little spicy. Service was a little scatty – the bill arrived at the wrong table, the guy at the next table waited for almost an hour for his food – but the waiters were friendly. Which is kind of a big deal in Munich.

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