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Christmas Markets in Munich

With night time temperatures of minus 17°C expected this coming weekend, what better way to warm those chilly bones than with a Glühwein and some roasted chestnuts. Lots of people head to the famous Nuremberg Christmas markets for their first Glühwein of the winter, but Munich has plenty to offer – here’s my guide to the best of them:

Wintermarkt am Flughafen

Travelling out to the airport in winter can be a long, cold S-Bahn ride. And if the snow’s delayed your flight/the arrival of the friend/family member you’re waiting for, things can get dull. Munich’s Wintermarkt am Flughafen is there to cheer things up – it’s already been open since mid-Novemberm and you can head by to grab something warm to eat. Perhaps the best thing about it, is that if you can agree on a designated driver, you can avoid the enormous parking fees at the airport and receive five hours of free parking in P20 – just speak to someone on a stand.

Christkindl – Marienplatz

It’s the original and “official” Weihnachtsmarkt that’s been running since 1972, and at least one Glühwein here is a given. Personally, I find it too full, too stressful. Last-minute, stressed shoppers are trying to run from Kaufhof to Ludwig Beck through the mass of tourists, dodging slightly merry Glühwein drinkers. Still, if you happen to be in the city, you can do far worse than to sneak a quick Glühwein in here.


My favourite. Just off Odeonsplatz at Wittelsbacherplatz, you can enjoy Medieval gastronomical delights, warming Glühwein and if you’re still after some Christmas presents, they do some wonderful wooden craft gifts.

Weihnachtsdorf der Residenz

This is Munich’s youngest Christmas market, but they have a full program of events planned. Lots of musicians, Christmas rock’n’roll and brass bands, you’ll be swaying those Glühwein oiled hips in no time.

Pink Christmas

I experienced one of the funniest Weihnachtsmarkt evenings here once, mostly thanks to the ridiculous amount of Glühwein I drank. It’s Munich’s gay/lesbian Christmas market, complete with singing drag queens.

 Winter Tollwood

Today sees the start of Winter Tollwood on the Theresienwiese. As ever, there are lots of concerts, and if you love trying international food, it’s the Weihnachtsmarkt to be at. I love spending a Saturday at the market, enjoying a Lángos or two, checking out the musicians before heading home for a warm bath.

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