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Detox at The Charles Hotel

Now, Lent isn’t normally my cup of tea, but after a really excessive week or so of Krapfen and pancakes, I’m ready to embrace healthy eating. Munich’s 5-star The Charles Hotel is offering a special detox program up until Easter – with a healthy lunch, afternoon iced teas and a massage that peps up the lymphatic system.

Lunch costs 29 € including a herbal tea, and has been developed by head chef Michael Hüsken. You get marinated salmon to start, followed by poached chicken with ginger, spinach and sweet potatoes, and a chia pudding.

The spa treatment is an excellent way of allowing a little luxury in the strict fasting period of lent, and if you haven’t checked out The Charles Hotel’s spa, you have been missing out. They’re offering an apricot peeling and full body massage (200 € for 90 minutes). If you need a little perking up after the greyness of January, it’s a sybaritic way to feel better.

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