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Back in February, when Munich was covered in a light dusting of snow and we were all wrapped up in layers, a friend invited me to spend a decadent day at the Blue Spa in the Bayerischer Hof with her to warm us both up. After a late brunch, we headed to the five-star hotel to embark on an afternoon of wellness.

The Bayerischer Hof is as luxurious as it gets, with prices to reflect this. Single rooms start at 260 € a night in low season and suites can cost up to 3,700 € a night.

The spa facilities are spread across the fifth, sixth and seventh floors. The fifth floor is home to the changing rooms (if you’re not a hotel guest), and the sauna area. Upstairs, there’s the pool and a terrace overlooking the Frauenkirche, and on the very top floor there’s the gym, the reception area and a rooftop bar.

I decided to start off with a session on the cross trainer – the hard work first, before lying next to the pool with a cocktail. Now, the crosstrainers at my gym overlook a car park. The crosstrainers at the Bayerischer Hof overlook the Frauenkirche – and I was able to witness the most glorious sunset while in the gym. The view alone was motivation to keep going.

Frauenkirche Munich

After working up a sweat in the gym, I headed downstairs to meet Tash, who was swimming lengths in the pool. We decided it was high time to order our Carpe Diem cocktails. It was twilight on a Sunday, and the pool was seriously busy. There were no loungers free, so we squeezed onto a table and read our books.



After a little lazing around, we headed to the sauna. The wellness area isn’t huge – there are around three different saunas and an ice bath – but there is a ladies’ area, which means that for women at least, you have a good chance of spending some time alone in a sauna. After sweating it out in the sauna and plunging ourselves in the ice bath, we showered and headed to the relaxation room, where we snuggled up with a fleece blanket and promptly fell asleep.

Our stomachs woke us up, to tell us it was time to leave, and we headed out into the cold night air feeling relaxed and refreshed. Spending a day at the Blue Spa in the Bayerischer Hof is a real treat – a day pass for two will set you back 114 €, including two Carpe Diem cocktails and entrance to the gym. Special Ayurveda and yoga packages are available to book too, along with beauty packages for tired skin and a variety of massages that can be booked in advance.

I loved my day at the Blue Spa, but you’re paying for the name as much as the services. The monte mare spa at Tegernsee is bigger, cheaper and lovelier, but if you’re in Munich, the Blue Spa is a decadent must – at least once. It’s open daily from 7am to 10:30pm – if you’re visiting at the weekend, I recommend getting there around 6pm – after everyone’s gone to dinner and the spa area’s cleared out a little.

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