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The Epodium Gallery is a brand new digital art space founded by art scholar and writer Dr. Andreas Backoefer, who splits his time between New York and Munich. The idea was to create an online portal, where video artists from New York and Munich can use the platform for artistic exchange.

The seminal exhibition for the gallery is VIDEO:TIME:SPACE, curated by Dr. Andreas Backoefer. Peruvian born, NY-based interdisciplinary artist Grimanesa Amorós (creator of fantastic light installations) presents her video work alongside Bavaria’s own Roger Kausch.

As well as being a platform for artists, the gallery is also designed with collectors in mind – most of the work presented is for sale, and the visitor experience plays a large role in the digital gallery. In the coming months, offline artist exchanges are planned between New York and Munich artists, and guest curators will be invited to be a part of the Epodium Gallery.

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