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Kitchenette – Harras

This past weekend, I took a Volkshochschule course in life drawing at Harras, with Verena, the editor of meinSENDLING. We headed to Cafe Kreislauf for lunch on the Saturday, where my namesake, Rachel, whipped up a ginger and beetroot soup for us. On Sunday I had happened to wear the most uncomfortable new shoes of my life, so we walked as little as possible, and headed to Kitchenette at Harras. Having heard lots of people praise the little cafe, I was excited to try it out.

Kitchenette has a lot of different breakfasts on offer, and they serve until four in the afternoon. Other than breakfast, they don’t do an awful lot of savory food – toasted sandwiches and salads are about it. But they do have lots of lovely-looking cakes. And, they do scones with clotted cream. Interestingly this is served as an English breakfast, but don’t let that put you off.

I decided to go for a breakfast option – scrambled eggs with olives, tomato and basil. And a carafe of white wine (I thought it might help with the creativity at life drawing, alas it didn’t). Wine and breakfast. It’s a marvellous combination.

The sun was shining, and we sat outside, people-watching and sipping our wine. Tipsy, we headed back to our life drawing course, our stomachs pleasantly full.

I can wholly recommend Kitchenette – it reminded me of a very British cafe – without the twee furnishings that the “English” cafes tend to have here in Munich.

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