Kaffee Schneller, München

Kaffee Schneller

Lilian took me for tea and cake at Kaffee Schneller a couple of weeks ago, having raved about their excellent cakes (apparently the best in the city, though I do need to try a few more cakes to confirm this). It’s a small, old-fashioned little cafe, popular with students and long-time residents of Maxvorstadt alike.

There’s nothing special about the interior – it’s very plain, and there’s lots of brown wood. It has a certain nostalgic feel to it – it’s an old grandma’s cafe, where the focus is on the cake, not the decor. When we went, late one Saturday morning, the cafe was relatively empty, but I heard that this is uncommon – during the week it can get packed to the rafters with students in need of nourishment. Lilian’s tip: Get there early, to ensure the best choice of cake.

The cake is truly excellent. There’s so much on offer – from cheesecakes, to fruit cakes, buns and pastries – if you can think of a cake, Kaffee Schneller has it. And everything’s homemade. I opted for a slice of freshly made lemon cheesecake, served with a hot apple juice, and Lilian had rhubarb cake with a coffee. Both were fantastic.

Kaffee Schneller: Lemon cheesecakeU-Bahn Universität (U3/U6)
Open Monday-Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 9am-5pm

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