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I spent Monday enjoying the spring sun with a stroll around my new Viertel – Westend. I went on to venture over the Donnersbergerbrücke to visit a friend, and she took me to her favourite cafe in the area – Kaffee Espresso & Barista. And boy, was the coffee good.

We headed inside to order, and I was overwhelmed by the array of coffee machines they have to sell – high-end, high-quality coffee machines for the coffee lover in your life.


I decided upon a good old fashioned cappuccino and an aubergine, cheese and tomato toasted sandwich, before we headed outside to catch some rays. I’m a little wary about ordering toasted sandwiches in Germany, because they tend to lather them in remoulade. This sandwich however, was a little piece of toasted heaven. Sun blushed tomatoes, roasted aubergines and gooey, melted cheese. Tremendous.

Kaffee Espresso & Barista also do coffee seminars – lasting an entire day, with snacks included, costing around 85 €. For more information as to what you get for your money and when the seminars are held, pop in to the cafe and pick up a leaflet.


Photos courtesy of Kaffee Espresso & Barista.

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  1. They really do have excellent coffee.

    In general, this is one gem of a street with Kiki Genusslokal for lunch (and tile envy) and the Mexican grocery store that sells corn tortillas (!) and a healthy amount of dried chiles.

    • Is the Mexican restaurant on that street any good? I am desperate for some good Mexican food!

      • They sadly only sell groceries, but it is the only place in Munich that I’ve found corn tortillas.

        Milagros (http://www.milagros-restaurant.de/), however, has amazing Mexican food. I seriously doubted that such a thing existed in Munich after trying one bland taco after another in Berlin and Munich. I guess there is a reason why this restaurant is called Miracle!

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