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Cafe Gans am Wasser is the new project from the siblings that gave us Bahnwärter Thiel and Wannda Circus. The only Hahn brother not involved in the project is currently making waves in the start-up world, as CEO of Sono Motors, who’ve created a solar-powered car.

Meanwhile the other two are busy organizing Munich’s best parties, most relaxing coffee and cake breaks and coolest gigs. Cafe Gans am Wasser is at Mollsee, that long, thin lake where the turtles sunbathe on the eastern side of Westpark, close to the Audi Dome, and a short walk from Heimeranplatz.

It’s replaced the old cafe that was there from the 80s until 2013, when it was torn down. Now, a 1969 truck has been converted into stands for selling cake (from Kubitschek), ice cream (from Riviera at Harras) and homemade chips (made from organic potatoes dug up in Freising), alongside coffee, beer and wine.

Lakeside benches, colourful cushions, lanterns and afternoon acoustic sessions ensure your afternoon/evening is as chilled out as possible, and they organize yoga classes, Indian cooking, drumming and fairy tale sessions to mix it all up a bit.

I do have one complaint – they have a tiny coffee machine, and can only brew one coffee at a time. Which leads to long, long queues. Still, if you’re looking to while away an autumnal afternoon at the Mollsee, waiting fifteen minutes for a coffee isn’t that big a deal, in the grand scheme of things. There are worse places to stand in line, and the view’s pretty lovely.

Gans am Wasser is open Monday-Thursday from 2pm-9pm, Fridays from 2pm-10pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11am-10pm (closed in bad weather). So far, the cafe’s been granted permission to remain in place until the end of the year – with a bit of luck, they’ll carry on for much, much longer than that.

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