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Häppy Art

Häppy Art is brought to you by the makers of the STROKE Art Fair, in existence since 2009. While STROKE’s aim was always to rebel against the concept of art as a status symbol for the rich, and instead provide relatable urban art for the masses, Häppy Art goes one step further – aiming to provide beautiful pieces of art for very affordable prices.

No artwork can cost more than 400 € at Häppy Art, and the idea is to make art accessible for a wide range of people -from traditional collectors to students, families and those who’ve always seen art as an exclusive and expensive hobby.

Häppy Art: Praterinsel
© Olga Stepanian

There’s a huge range of art on display at the fair – from graphic design, to photography, paintings and illustrations. I particularly love Christine Friebe‘s simple, bold graphic designs (seen in the header image here), talented Berlin-based artist Sven Ballenthin will also be at the event, showcasing his IDENTITY is a CHOICE series, and as you can see above, Olga Stepanian takes the most mesmerizing black and white photographs.

The fair will take place on October 22-23, from midday onwards. Entrance costs 10 €, but should you buy a piece of art for over 100 €, you’ll get 5 € back on your entrance ticket, and when you buy an artwork that costs over 150 €, you’ll be refunded the entire 10 €.

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