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There aren’t all that many cafes in Westend, but the ones that exist are deservedly loved. Marais has its famous tarte tatin, Kubitschek has its beautiful cakes, and Lohner and Grobitsch has decadent chocolate torte. Now there’s a new kid on the block, and the quality is just as high.

Stephan opened Cafe Colombo (on the corner of Anglerstraße and Ganghoferstraße) just a couple of weeks ago. It is adorable. Inside, old world maps hang on the walls. There’s a corner dedicated to deli specialities (making it a great place to grab a last-minute gift), and in the summer, you can people-watch on the pavement outside.

The food is superb. Stephan used to work for Patisserie Dukatz, and the petit fours are delivered daily to Colombo. The bread is from a small Sendling bakery, and Stephan uses the baguettes to make a variety of Spanish and Italian-inspired sandwiches. One of his personal favourites is the gorgonzola, mascarpone, fig mustard and grape sandwich, which sounds pretty wacky, but tastes like a dream.

Originally a graphic designer, Stephan was fed up with the daily grind and wanted more from life than just sitting at a computer 40 hours a week. And so he took over an old bakery in Westend (which served up poor-quality wares and wasn’t doing so well), and made it his own.

It’s right opposite KPMG and other large offices, so a lot of his clientele are hungry office staff. He serves up homemade muesli in the mornings (I can recommend washing it down with his homemade iced tea), and, on weekdays offers a Mediterranean salad for lunch.

And when you’ve finished gorging on all Stephan has to offer, you can head over the road to check out Olafur Eliasson’s Everlasting Staircase, and snooze off the excitement in the Bavaria Park.

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