This week in Munich – Guts for Change, Isarsprudel, Recycle Vegas

I was going to publish this over the weekend, so you could all write in your diaries and plan your week properly. But I spent my weekend in a rubber dinghy floating down the Alz, which was an awful lot of fun, but didn’t leave any time for my blog.

This week is the height of Munich’s summer slump, with few events to report.

On Thursday, Milla Club is showing Guts for Change, a film about three men and a woman who cycled from Berlin to India. Their aim? To draw attention to the lack of clean drinking water in so many parts of the world, and to promote a sustainable dry toilet project in India. Their journey took them to Iran, Bulgaria, Pakistan, the Czech Republic…and more, where they experienced so many different cultures and landscapes. It looks pretty cool – here’s the trailer:

In Galerie Klüser, Munich artist David Blitz is exhibiting his rather colourful exibition Recycle Vegas, a homage to eighties trash cult. The exhibition continues until September 1, so make sure you head down there in the next couple of weeks.

From August 23-25, the second Isarsprudel is taking place. It’s a dance and performance festival in various locations along the Isar, between the Wittelsbacherbrücke and the Deutsche Museum. Head down there from 4pm (or at 1pm on the Sunday) to check out what’s going on. The Sunday meet-up allows artists to meet with each other and network – and exchange ideas.

Apart from that, things are looking rather lifeless in Munich right now. There’s always the Theatron though.

And, I can wholeheartedly recommend buying a rubber dinghy and heading south with friends to sail the river. Take beer.

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