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Next week in Munich – Chvrches, Dillon, Lissie

The big concert of the week is Chvrches on Monday – but it’s the end of the week we really have to look forward to, with a couple of excellent concerts on.

Chvrches are playing at the Muffathalle on Monday and tickets cost 27  € on the door. I have read some fairly mediocre reports of their recent tour (people have reported the show as being somewhat static), but the band were thrust into the limelight much sooner than planned, thanks to the online success of Lies, and maybe singer Lauren Mayberry just needs a little more practice at performing in front of a crowd.

One of my favourite female artists on the planet is Joan Wasser, better known as Joan as Policewoman. She’s playing at Hansa39 on Monday, and I can wholeheartedly recommend seeing her live. She lives and breathes music, and has a wonderfully intimate and simultaneously powerful voice. Tickets cost 24 € on the door.

On Monday and Tuesday, Strom is playing host to BR’s Heimatsound – a celebration of local music. Tickets cost 15 € and if you head down there, make sure you’re wearing your glad rags – the festival will be filmed for TV.

Melbourne’s Lowlakes are playing at Milla on Tuesday. It’s the perfect venue for their blissful melodies – they remind me a little of Sigur Ros. Tickets are incredibly cheap – just 6 € if you reserve in advance.

At the Ampere on Tuesday, the Isarslam is back. The array of talent always delights me, and at 6 € for an evening of culture, you really can’t complain.

Leicester band I Am In Love are playing at the Atomic Cafe on Tuesday. I am having a little déjà vu here, because I thought they were in Munich really recently, but apparently not. Their music is nice – if you have nothing else going on on a Tuesday night, you can do far worse than spend your evening being serenaded by I Am In Love.

One event at the Gasteig on Wednesday night sounds pretty interesting – the Deutscher Alpenverein have been hosting regular talks on mountaineering at the Gasteig since October, as part of their Alpine Highlights program. The Austrian mountain guide and photographer Hans Thurer walked 2,000 kilometres from Vienna to Nice in 2011, taking just 101 days to complete the route. He’ll be talking of his experiences in the Alps from 7:30pm, tickets cost between 14 € and 18 €.

Lissie’s playing at Strom on Thursday. I saw her a few years ago for the first time, and didn’t really know what to expect. Her voice is so raw, and she completely blew me away. Tickets cost 24 € and I strongly recommend buying in advance.

We Are Scientists are also in town on Thursday. I haven’t yet heard their new album, TV en Français, which was released in early March, but I have read that the band are still performing their old tracks too – so if you loved Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt, it’s guaranteed they’ll perform it. They’ve just embarked on a pretty gruelling three-month tour across the world – starting in the UK, they’re heading to mainland Europe before moving on to the U.S. and Australia. Catch them while they’re fresh, at the Ampere on Thursday night.

Also, I must give Roda Soft a mention – they’re playing Milla on Thursday to celebrate the release of their album. Tickets cost 13 € on the door, and a colleague of mine is a huge fan of Veronika Märkl’s striking voice. They’re a young, upcoming Munich band and I urge you to head on down to Milla to show your support.

The Brooklyn hip-hop group Black Star are at the Tonhalle on Friday night. The downside is that tickets are incredibly pricy at almost 50 €.

Berlin folk pop band Mighty Oaks are playing the Atomic Cafe on Saturday. I have a bit of a soft spot for their latest single, Brother, though it really is unashamed, unapologetic pop music:

The Wuppertal wave electronica band DAF are at Hansa39 on Saturday night, tickets cost 25 € in advance. Rather bizarrely, Stroud post-punk band Blurt are playing at the Galerie Kullukcu on Saturday. I love the gallery, but it seems a rather odd venue for a post-punk gig.

Brazilian-born, Berlin-based singer-songwriter Dillon is at the Schauspielhaus on Sunday, in what is set to be the coolest show of the week. She’s releasing her new album The Unknown on BPitch Control on Friday, and I love one of the single’s she has released from the album, A Matter of Time (below). The acoustics in the venue are fantastic, and tickets are only 19 €.

Lovely Swedish sibling trio Baskery are playing Milla on Sunday. They make the lovelist, americana folk sounds, and will be supported by the lovely Nick & The Roundabouts. Tickets cost 17 €.

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