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Next week in Munich – Duran Duran, Musik Ekspres & Asa

A confession. Last week, I managed to forget the highlight of the week in my “NWIM” (that acronym doesn’t really work, does it?) piece. Nicolas Jaar was in town last night, playing a sold-out show in the Rote Sonne. And I had forgotten to mention it last week. Sorry!

Kennedy’s is Munich’s newest Irish pub, located at Sendlinger Tor, where Lamm’s used to be. I’ve only been in there once since it opened in November, and that was a quick toilet-stop post Favorit Bar, but the decor is tasteful and a friend of mine loves the burgers. They have a karaoke night every Monday, so if you think you can sing Someone Like You better than Adele (really?), Kennedy’s is the place to be on Monday.

If karaoke is the last thing you want to be doing on a Monday night (I’m with you!), check out Dutch nu-folk band The Black Atlantic, performing in the Kranhalle. There’s also a discussion and reading from the author Christian Heller in the Glockenbachwerkstatt on Monday evening. The topic is privacy and the fascinating concept of post-privacy. Heller will be presenting his book and you can expect a discussion on his theories. Entrance is just 4 € and kick-off is at 7.30pm.

In June 2009, We Were Promised Jetpacks released their debut album. The furore that surrounded it launched the Scottish indie band’s career. Last autumn they released new material – their second studio album and they’re in Munich (at 59:1) on 24th January to showcase their new material.

The highlight of the week in my eye’s is Tuesday’s show at the Tonhalle. Yes ladies and gents, Birmingham’s finest eighties rock band is in town – Duran Duran. And there are still tickets on sale! What’s that you say, there’s no way you’d be caught at a Duran Duran concert, singing along to Rio at the top of your voice?! I am super excited about it and Duran Duran are most definitely included in my top ten bands of the eighties. I just spent around ten minutes trying to think of who else I’d include in that list and my brain kept suggesting Falco. Which probably says a lot about me.

Wednesday’s a quiet day, which gives you all a chance to recover from Tuesday’s Duran Duran gig. On Thursday, there’s a benefit party in the Bob Beaman club – a stand against right-wing extremism. Doors open at 1opm. Nigerian-born Asa is playing in the Muffathalle on Thursday 26th January. As a youngster, she listened to Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin, along with Nigerian musicians such as Fela Kuti, and the soul aspect really comes through in her music.

If opera is your thing, Don Giovanni continues in the Pasinger Fabrik until at least the end of February (every Thursday to Sunday). If you prefer indie music, check out Danish band Veto at 59:1 on Thursday. Back in 2007 they won several awards for their music in their homeland and their third, very danceable studio album was released last year.

On Friday, the party to be at is Thomas Lechner’s Candy Club – with nineties beats. Thomas Lechner founded the Queer Beats festival and was the first person in Munich to focus on gay/lesbian alternative and electro parties. If you didn’t get enough queer beats at the QB festival a couple of weeks ago, head to the party for more.

As the days are getting longer, the final weekend in January will probably mean that many of you are off to the mountains for some snowboarding or skiing. If you’re staying in Munich (yes please), check out the trans musik ekspres at Import/Export on Saturday – a fusion of ethnic sounds, funk, soul and punk.

That’s all folks!

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