Theatron Pfingstfestival 2014

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Theatron Pfingstfestival 2014

The annual Theatron Whitsun festival starts today at the Olympiasee, and the line-up is their best yet.

Nadin from Munich & the Mountains introduced me to Canadian band Folly and the Hunter a while ago, when she was tour managing them on their European leg.They make the loveliest music, rooted in American folk. They’ll be playing for just under an hour at the Theatron festival this afternoon (at 6pm), and it’s the wrap-up gig of their spring 2014 European tour, so give them a good send-off.

Berlin-based The Dead Lovers are playing on Saturday at a quarter to five in the afternoon, and I’m really taken with their cover of Wanda Jackson’s Funnel of Love:

Fat Cat Records’ His Clancyness (the alias of Bologna-based Canadian Jonathan Clancy) is on at 7pm. They’re playing dozens of festivals this summer, so if their Theatron show whets your appetite, you’ll have plenty more opportunities to see them live.

Also on Saturday, the ethereal Lyla Foy will be playing. I adore her music, she has a delicate, cut-glass voice and her music sounds so deliciously pure. She’s on stage at 9:15pm.

Norwegian indie-pop band Making Marks are visiting the Theatron as part of their current European tour, and will be on stage at 7pm on Sunday. The mellow band are travelling 5,000km in eight days – go support them!

Munich’s musician of the moment, Jesper Munk, is wrapping things up on Sunday. If you enjoy his gig, he’ll be playing the Uferlos festival on May 29. Here’s a song from his album “For in my way it lies” – who’d guess he’s only 21?

You’ll find the full program here – and remember, everything’s free!

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