ArtMUC 2014

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From May 29 – June 01,head down to the Praterinsel to check out ARTMUC, Munich’s newest contemporary art event. The brains behind the event are Marco and Raiko Schwalbe, whose passion turned to urban art at the turn of the millennium, following a career in advertising. They are the siblings behind the much celebrated STROKE art fair, and have brought the likes of art historians Dörthe Bäumer and Dr. Bettina Krogemann on board to ensure ARTMUC is headed in the right direction.

ARTMUC will run over the course of four afternoons, and will present contemporary art from around 100 different artists, in all forms – photography, sculptures, paintings, performance or illustration, the fair caters for all tastes.

The urban art gallery m|u|c|a will be taking part in the fair, presenting ARTMUC live, where artists have the chance to create art over the course of the festival in front of visitors – and not just statically present already finished pieces.

Entrance costs 10 € for adults, those under 16 can go for free.

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