Kiki Smith: Haus der Kunst

© Kiki Smith, courtesy Pace Gallery

Kiki Smith: Procession

The Haus der Kunst is opening a new exhibition next week, featuring prolific multidisciplinary artist Kiki Smith. Smith experienced creativity in life from the start. Born in Nuremberg, West Germany, in 1954 to Tony Smith, minimalist sculptor and actress and opera singer Jane Lawrence (the best man at their wedding was Tennessee Williams), her family moved to New Jersey in 1955, leaving Germany behind.

Now based in New York, Kiki Smith is one of the most widely recognized people in the art world, using the human condition as her focus. She’s been lauded as a feminist artist, and has created many pieces that deal with she-wolves or women as feral in nature.

The upcoming Haus der Kunst exhibition covers work from the past three decades – as the title suggests, a procession through her career.

Check out the guided tour in English, planned for 6 February at 6:30pm. The exhibition runs until 3 June.

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