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Harun Farocki: Counter Music

The avant-garde German filmmaker Harun Farocki is being celebrated at the Haus der Kunst from March 10 onwards, three years after his death. The exhibition, Harun Farocki: Counter Music, deals with Farocki’s analysis of shifting modes of labour, production and consumption. The exhibition’s focus is very much on Farocki’s social engagement,

His best known film was Inextinguishable Fire, a 1969 film about the US’ use of Napalm in Vietnam. One of his latest films, the 2009 In Comparison, dealt with brick production around the world. An entirely different subject, but one that also deals intimately with human experience. He was an intellectual, critical artist, and his art is still pertinent today.

And Farocki, although based in Berlin, had Munich connections – he was author for the Munich-based magazine Filmkritik from 1974 to the magazine’s end in 1984.

The exhibition launches on March 10, and the vernissage will be held from 7pm the evening before. There will be a special film night at the Kammerspiele on April 22, where several of Farocki’s films will be shown.

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