Fotodoks 2015

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FotoDoks 2015

FotoDoks 2015 starts tomorrow, and this time the biennial festival’s motto is “the past is now”. The festival’s been in existence since 2008 and allows the public to get to know contemporary documentary photography and its photographers better.

The full program is available online, and there are a few things in particular I’m keen on catching:

The Siege of Sarajevo
The photojournalist Paul Lowe’s exhibition will be displayed in the IFOG Akademie für Design und Kommunikation (close to the Theresienstraße U-Bahn) from Wednesday onwards. I visited Sarajevo last year and visited the Galerija 11/07/95, which exhibits some very moving, very tragic photos of the Bosnian War. Lowe’s war photography has also been exhibited at the gallery, and his images are heartbreaking.

Marc Thümmler’s black and white film shows the reality of life in the DDR using Harald Hauswald’s images. The photographer himself had over 1,500 pages worth of Stasi files on him, and he was as much observed as he was an observer. The film’s just half an hour long and will be shown in MaximiliansForum at 8pm on Thursday.

ZEITmagazin Prize
Every year, the ZEITmagazin awards 5,000 € to an important documentary photographer. It’s a chance to see some of the very best documentary photos from the past year, and the prize is awarded in the Stadtmuseum at 9:30pm on Saturday.

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