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Schweinebraten at Cafe am Beethovenplatz

Schweinebraten at Cafe am Beethovenplatz


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  1. On March, 9th, I celebrated my Birthday at the Café with some friends. I would have liked to enjoy a nice and relaxing atmosphere, but it turned out to be a very bad experience!
    The quality and prices of the food were OK, but the service was totally unfriendly!
    Essentially, they were persisting in asking for extra money in all the possible ways!

    The first time was related to the dishes they provided for the cake (I brought), with prices that changed from 1€/person (when I booked the table, 2 days before) to 2€ per person (the night of the celebration)! However, we didn’t use their dishes and, after a long discussion with the waitresses, we were allowed to not pay for that.
    At that point, though, they started asking to be paid just because I had tasted a bit of the wine I got as a present…and, again, 1€/person!

    At the end, despite I was really angry and my celebration ruined, I decided to pay this extra money. What I found most annoying, however, was that they kept insisting for getting money from my guests and in a totally wrong moment (blowing of the candles).

    I definitively do not recommend this Café if you wish to experience a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

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