Giesinger Bräu, München

Support Your Münchner Drinks

As everyone knows by now, it’s a difficult time for small businesses, however popular they are. If you haven’t read this gorgeous piece of writing by chef Gabrielle Hamilton, on Prune, her Manhattan restaurant that she was forced to close in March, do so immediately. The world over, it’s an uncertain, bumpy time with no end in sight.

And yet, amidst the worry and disquiet, there are people working together to keep businesses afloat, to help keep sales going. One of these is the new delivery service Support Your Münchner Drinks. Around a dozen Munich drinks companies – from small breweries such as Tilmans and Giesinger, to gin distilleries such as The Duke, and cafes with their own iced brews (Mary’s Classic Coffee) – have joined forces to create the portal.

Instead of having to go to each and every individual website to order your drinks, you can order them all via the one website. And there are bundles available too – if you’re looking to send a thirsty friend a birthday gift.

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