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Refugin isn’t just a gin, it’s also a social project. Martin Eggert, the man behind TasteTwelve Munich and the J’Adore Food blog, gathered together a Munich-based team to create a gin that not only tastes great, but also benefits Munich’s refugees.

The idea was simple – raise money to help refugees, while providing people with a great gin to share with friends. Everyone wins. The team invested 20,000 € of their own money into setting up Refugin, and they’ve spent the past two months working hard on the concept. 100% of profits made are donated to the SchlaU Schule – a school that has been set up to help young refugees learn the German language and more about the German culture.

It’s a fantastic project that helps refugees integrate in the city. If the images of thousands upon thousands of refugees arriving at Munich’s train station this summer make you feel uneasy about splashing out on Christmas gifts this year, Refugin is one gift that will help you celebrate Christmas with a conscience.

Martin’s expertise in the world of gastronomy ensures you’re getting a great gin for your money. The distillery is based in Nordrhein-Westfalen, and has been making spirits for 130 years. The gin is organic, with notes of coriander, lavender, orange blossom and pimento alongside the traditional juniper.

Buy online here, for just under 45 € including delivery, or pick up a bottle in Müllerstraße for 39.90 € (following your online order). For more information, check out Refugin’s Facebook page or via their website.

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