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Munich’s best Krapfen?

It’s Fasching season again – which means every bakery is overloaded with sugary treats and we’re all having a hard time choosing between an Aphrodite and a Hot Chicken. So where’s the best place in Munich to get a krapfen?

Rischart is the obvious answer – undoubtedly some of the highest quality krapfen around.

Interestingly, the Ludwig Riedmair bakery based in Garching has started selling cannabis krapfen – complete with a decorative leaf on top. Yet before you all rush out to one of the bakery’s branches, you should know that there’s less than 0,2% THC in the krapfen – making it both legal and harmless. But hey, if it’s your turn to buy the office krapfen at Fasching, it’s a topic of discussion, right?

Back to the serious krapfen, Call A Krapfen is doing well since their launch a few years ago, and they offer a wide selection of krapfen (with online ordering too, hurrah!). The best one has to be the Bienenstich – light vanilla creme filling with caramelised almond flakes on top. Also, the SB-Bäckerei on Sendlingerstr. had a wonderful latte macchiato krapfen the other day – it wasn’t too sweet (I know, the sugar hit is the whole point of them) and had white chocolate flakes on the top.

Although my latte macchiato krapfen didn’t taste overly sickly, it still contained between 200 – 400 calories (ouch!). If you’ve somehow managed to stick to the post-Christmas diet throughout January, you’re about to fall of the wagon with a krapfen this February. That’s unless you hate krapfen thanks to a nasty experience with mustard….

Yes, they exist. Pranksters who treat their friends to a krapfen that’s secretly filled with mustard. This rather bizarre article explains how to spot a Senf krapfen using an MRI scanner, which is handy.

Why is it we eat krapfen at Fasching? One confectioner explains that it’s a little indulgence before the fasting begins at Lent. And with such a fantastic array of krapfen on sale, let the indulgence begin!

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