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Vincello is a little Italian restaurant tucked away behind Harras. Owned by two Italophile Germans, Peter and Thorsten, it’s a lovely place for a quick espresso, a leisurely lunch, or a hearty evening meal. It’s a ten minute walk from the Mittersendling S-Bahn, or a fifteen minute walk from Harras, and it’s most definitely worth the trip.

Serving homemade, high-quality Italian food (risottos, pasta dishes and deliciously cheesy Tyrolean dumplings, for example), it’s a cosy, homely restaurant. It’s small, seating max. twelve, and it’s packed full with Italian pestos, herbs, jams, grappas and – particularly exciting for me – unrefined Billington‘s sugar (which I haven’t been able to find in Germany since moving here).

Vincello at HarrasVincello Munich

Peter and Thorsten own a smallholding in Italy, and when I stopped by they’d just returned, and had brought back crates of untreated, fresh mandarins and persimmoms. They also press their own olive oil, which you can buy at Vincello. As with most Italian olive farms this year, the olive harvest wasn’t particularly fruitful as a result of a nasty bacterial disease blight, but they still have plenty of bottles left over from last year’s harvest.

Vincello has a small but loyal following, and I urge you to pop by one lunchtime or evening, to sample their seasonal, lovingly prepared dishes. They’re open Wednesday to Saturday, 10am – 10pm and Sundays, 10am – 8pm.

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