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I came across TasteTwelve at eat&STYLE last weekend, where I spoke with its founder, Jochen Schmelzer, who started the concept back in 2006 in Stockholm with EATSweden, which has grown to be incredibly successful.

The idea is simple – you snap up a limited edition TasteTwelve book  for 34 €, then over the course of a calendar year, you can visit any/all of the twelve handpicked restaurants detailed in the book. With every two meals ordered, one of the main courses is completely free – which means if you only manage to visit a couple of the restaurants listed, it’s still completely worth the thirty-four Euros.

It’s a perfect gift for epicureans, and it’s also a great idea for those new in a city – you get to test twelve fantastic, varied restaurants around the city without having to sit down and do any research in advance.

In each city (besides Munich, the book’s available for Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Cologne in Germany), a local connoisseur picks out twelve different, high-quality restaurants. In Munich, J’ADOREFOOD‘s Martin Eggert has selected the twelve restaurants, and he’s chosen some real gems. Broeding, in Neuhausen, is at the top of my list, having been lauded by the New York Times and the Süddeutsche for their fantastic food and excellent wines. I’ve also been meaning to try the book shop-cum-wine store-cum-restaurant Walter & Benjamin for ages. Some of the restaurants are polar opposites – vegan Cafe Gratitude‘s in there, as is the burger restaurant Cosmogrill. Others, such as fast slow-food Italian Nudo, are sure to be a hit whatever you’re in the mood for.

If you’re already on the look-out for unusual Christmas gifts (or if you, yourself, enjoy trying out new restaurants), TasteTwelve is a fantastic idea. There are only 400 copies left, so get your order in fast!

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