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Last week I met two dear friends from my old magazine Matchless, a US-consulate magazine we had a lot of fun running three years ago. We met at Taste My Burger, to see what all the fuss about the Augustenstr. burger joint is all about.

Taste My Burger opened earlier this year, having spent four years developing the perfect burger. I’ve had trouble finding a decent burger in Munich, and my expectations were high. Thankfully, they didn’t disappoint. I decided to make it as dirty as possible and went for the gorgonzola burger, with extra bacon and fries. Oh, and without the remoulade, but that’s just personal taste. The fries were chunky and perfectly cooked. Pete went for the bacon and cheeseburger, and inhaled it spectacularly quickly, while Annka went for the only veggie burger on the menu – the V’leisch, which she was very impressed with. Incidentally, Annka, the veggie, recommended the burger place to us.


Having eaten well over my fair share, we sat back with alcohol-free wheat beers (they don’t sell alcohol, but Cafe Cosmos is nearby, so you can head for a drink afterward should you choose), before cycling home with very full stomachs.

Taste My Burger also does daily specials throughout the week – with burgers costing 5.50 €, instead of their usual price:

Monday – bacon and cheese special

Tuesday – hula hula burger (with a sweet chilli relish, pineapple)

Wednesday – evergreen burger (olives, rocket, gouda, gurkins)

Thursday – Der Pate (The Godfather – with a Sicilian tomato sauce, rocket and mozzarella)

Friday – Speedy Gonzales (spincy, with a Mexican relish, jalapenos, lettuce and onions)

Images courtesy of Taste My Burger.

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