La Taqueria - Munich

La Taqueria

I mentioned last week that Milagros has been replaced with a steakhouse. It’s not all bad news though – Scott Myers, who ran Milagros, has successfully set up a small chain of taquerias around the city, where they serve fresh, authentic, Mexican fast food.

I headed to La Taqueria‘s flagship restaurant at Isartor, and ordered quesadillas with Caribbean style braised pork – cochinita pibil (which kind of spilled into “Quesadillas mit Conchita Wurst”, when ordering). Then, inspired by the tamarind flakes that Sasha brought me from her trip to Myanmar, I tried Taqueria’s homemade iced tamarind lemonade (they also a watermelon lemonade, which is on my list for next time).

The food was hearty and filling – and the braised pork was superb – wonderfully seasoned. The sour cream tasted a little watery, but that’s my only complaint. And the lemonade was fantastic. Who needs cocktails when you have such flavoursome non-alcoholic drinks?

The decor is modern, light and very urban. The front part of the restaurant has an industrial feel to it, with clean metal tables and industrial lighting, and further back it gets more cosy – with colourful tiles and Mexican ornaments and cacti.

Taqueria: IsartorService was a little scatty, but maybe I’ve been in Munich for too long. One girl asked for my order, another took my order and another passed me my lemonade, which seemed a little inefficient. Nevertheless, my food was ready fast, and they’ve definitely perfected their wrap-making.

Taqueria’s not the kind of place you’ll spend hours in. If you want a quick bite to eat on your way to the cinema, or if you’re after a takeaway for the journey home, you can find freshly made, authentic Mexican cuisine for a fair price at Taqueria.

Images courtesy of La Taqueria.

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