Fei Scho - dim sum in Munich's Glockenbachviertel

Fei Scho

I met up with lovely Sasha this Wednesday for lunch. We’d planned on eating arepas at – wait for it – Arepas, but unfortunately it was closed. I haven’t had arepas since I was in Colombia, six years ago, and had already voraciously analyzed their menu in anticipation.

Sasha can always be counted on to make a good restaurant recommendation, so instead we walked over to Fei Scho on Kolosseumstraße, one of her favourite restaurants in Munich.

Fei Scho offers fusion kitchen – fresh, delicious Bavarian and Vietnamese food. The beef salad is meant to be fantastic, but Sasha and I both opted for the dim sum – five different dumplings, served with four salads and three sauces (ca. 10 €).

Dim sum at Fei Scho

If you’re after traditional dim sum, you’re in the wrong place – Fei Scho wows with its original take on dumplings – from spinach and duck dim sum, vegetarian spicy dumplings and occasionally the odd Schweinebraten or beetroot dumpling.

The salads were delicious – every ingredient stood out: carrot and kohlrabi, red cabbage, cabbage and pineapple…they were simple, crisp and very tasty.

The food gets full points, and I was taken with the decor too. Rosy pink lanterns hang from the ceiling and Alpine antlers are mounted on the wall. There’s a mix of red plastic stools and vintage wooden chairs at old, rustic tables – the whole place has been carefully and cutely decorated.

I’ve heard that Fei Scho gets pretty packed in the evenings – reserve in advance or be prepared to wait – or head there at lunchtime, when it’s not so chaotic.

Kolosseumstraße 6, 089 55062299
U-Bahn Fraunhoferstraße/Sendlinger Tor, or trams 16, 18, 27, 37, 38

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